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My Poems2

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If Love Had Not Died for Me

Lord, I often think of how evil this world would be.
Just the thought of it frightens me.
When I think of the wickedness my eyes would see,
if love had not come and died for me.
If You had closed Your eyes to Satan's plan
my life would be in the power of the enemy's hand.
I would be a slave to his every command.
Because his spirit would possess the mind of man.
Without love there is nothing to separate.
Every heart would be filled with hate.
Easy to predict this world's fate.
Death prevailing over life everyday.
Lord, it often crosses my mind.
I know the wickedness today is only a small sign
of the evilness my eyes would see
if love had not come and died for me.

Linda K Placker

Life is Rough

There's this girl that states,"Life is Rough"
going through many things
not just hard but tough
living unhappy,living negative,living of fear
Fear of being different from the other girls
living like she's nothing
but she's a angel trapped on a crazy world
A world with people that treat you so lowdown
thinking you could trust them but how
moving from place to place
moving town to town
this young girl cried when she made mistakes
thinking she's a failure of her mother sake
But she look through the past
to see what lies
Stating that,"Life is Rough"
now ain't that a suprise

Linda K Placker

About Me

In My Mind

There is something very wrong in my mind
would some one please help me find
What it is that makes me want to die!
Maybe it's knowing that the woman I
Love may never truely be mine and thinking
Of this makes me want to break down and cry.
So maybe I should just look her in
The eyes and tell her I think
She's truely devine but I know can't
I'd probably get all tongue tied.
Maybe I can't say nothing because
My head is made of solid pine.
But if that's true that only goes to
proves my mind has never been fine
But if I ever get her love then
I'll be on an all time high!
and maybe just maybe that will
fix this womans broken mind if
only She would always be mine!

linda kaye placker

Wtore For Shannon Smith



I'm Lonely WithOut You ,

My Arms Are Empty,

My Eyes Are No Longer Filled With You.

Creasing My Heart With Your Voice ,

Touching Me With Desire,

Ecnighting Are Passion.

Sending Me Higher Until ,

We Explode Together ,

In An Intement In Brass.

Linda K Placker

Wrote For  Mikal Caudle

Me And You

A fight everyday and another at night,
And we never did admit who was right.
You always got us into trouble is what I thought;
I never stopped to think it could have been my fault.
I realize now that we both did our own share
Of picking and teasing and pulling of hair.
But we did have good times over the years.
We laughed, we learned and we cried our tears.
And then these were times I almost felt hate
For you, who was so smart and looked so great.
And sometimes I even despise the person you are;
Only because I'll never be that person not by far.
But I still love you sis, no matter what you do;
And I'll always treasure the bond between me and you.

                                                  linda kaye placker

                             Wrote  For Mikal Caudle

Missing You

Sitting here
thinking about the memories we shared
Knowing no one in this whole
world can ever compare

Seeing your smile, feeling your touch
hearing the the sound of your voice

Everyday I couldn't wait to see you because
I knew I made the perfect choice

But perfect should no longer be the word
because "I LOVE YOU" are the words for me
that are no longer heard

Falling for you was the best thing I thought
I could ever do, but now it's the worst
because I'm sitting here missing you.


linda kaye placker

Wrote  For  Mikal Caudle

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