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My Poems 3

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Missing You

Sitting Here All Alone Again ,

Waitting To See If You'll Phone Again ,

Can't You The Pain I Try So Hard ,

So Hard To Hide .

For I'm Missing You Again ,

Missing Your Sweet Hi's,

Missing Your Goodbye's,

Missing You Again .

For The Pain Is Building Up Inside ,

It's Getting To Hard to Hide ,

For I'm About To Explode ,

Explode Deep Down Inside .

For I'm Missing You Again ,

Missing Your Sweet Hi's,

Missing Your Goodbye's,

Missing You Again .

For Your On The Run Again,

I don't Know Where You Have Been,

I don't Even Know If Your Coming Home ,

Coming Home Again.

For I'm Missing You Again ,

Missing Your Sweet Hi's,

Missing Your Goodbye's,

Missing You Again .

For I'm Missing You ,

Misssing Yoou ,

Missssssing Yoooou,

Missssssing Yooooou Agaaaaainnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

Linda K.Placker

No One

No one has ever held me,
Quite the way you did.
No one has ever kissed me,
In that special way you did.
No one has ever made me feel,
The way you did that night.
But no one has ever used me,
Just to get to another girl.
No one has ever said they loved me,
And never really ment it.
No one has ever broken my heart,
Just the way you did.

                     Linda K PLacker

                      Wrote  For  Mikal Caudle

Nightly Thoughts

When I lay down at night,

Your chest is my pillow,

You're body heat, my blanket,

Your arms, the strength for tomorrow.

My fingers touch your face,

I feel your breath on my skin,

There is nothing that can replace,

My feeling of comfort within.

I inhale deeply,

The scent of you intoxicating,

I smile slightly, my eyes close,

No fear of you awakening.

You sleep so peaceful,

So content and calm,

I love you more with each breath you take,

Yet so many tell me that you are wrong.

My heart knows what it wants,

And true love is what I believe,

I smile once more,

Then I sleep.

Linda Kaye Placker

Wrote For Mikal Caudle

On To Of The World

You put me on top of the world,

When you told me i was the only girl,

You Would ever want or need,

And you said you would always love me

You make my head spin around and around,

And I will never come down,

From feeling on top of the world.

I give you my word,

That I will be only your girl,

And I will love you and only you forever

We will alway be together,

Sitting on top of the world.

Linda K Placker


I Hide The Tears,

From All My Friends,

Because I Know In My Heart,

The Hurtting Will Come To An End,

But Inside I Will Continue To Fall Apart,

Why Do You Always Hurt,

The Ones Who Loves You,

Don't You Think It Is Time ,

For You To Come Back Again,

And Put The Hurting To An End ,

Make Up For All The Pain ,

You Put Me Through,

What Can I Do ,

I Do Love You ,

And I Want To Be With You Again,

So PLease Put This Hurtting To An End..

Linda K Placker

Twisted Love

Every time you glance at me,
I just want to die.
A single smile from your lips,
only makes me cry.
My prays go unanswered,
for my feelings still remain.
As my love for you burns stronger,
the only thing I feel is pain.
I simply wish for you to love me,
but I know you never will.
So tears stream down my face,
because despite your hatred I love you still.

                                                                             linda kaye placker

Whisper Goodbye

As I knelt down by my,
Partner,Teacher,Best friend, Guardian Angel,
And maybe the only thing who truly understood me.

I knew that in those big brown eyes he said,
That he loved me.
But I knew that I was losing him fast.
That he would not make it over night,
That these may be my last moments with him,
I knew I had to let him go.

While I held his big Thoroughbred head in my lap,
Through my tears,
I felt him go and I whispered,
" Goodbye Buddy."

                                                                Linda K Placker

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