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My Friends Poems
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This  Poem Means  Alot  To  Me  It  Was  Wrote  By  My  Baby Siter  That  Is 9 Years  Old  So  Give  Her Credit  She  Is  Only A  Baby !!!!!

Tonight I sleep alone

Tonight I sleep alone,

For a grave mistake I have made,

One that does not alow for error,

Where no decision can be made.

Tonight I sleep alone,

Your presense all around me,

My every thought bent on you,

Are you sleeping.

Tonight I sleep alone,

The fear is ever creeping,

Will you ever come back to me,

For I am sorry for all I done.

Tonight I sleep alone,

The darkness all around me,

I live with my mistake,

And tonight I sleep alone.

                                                    Mikal Caudle

             This  Poem Was  Wrote  For  Me  By Mikal Caudle  And  I Love  This Poems  As  Well 


the butterflies float through the air, seems as though they no

care, i wish i could be , like the butterfly so free, fly

around sky , to to fly fly fly, zooming through the air ,

acting like i have no cares . oh butterfly oh butterfly , why

could you not be I .

Vicky Placker

Hold fast to dreams,
For is dreams die,
Life is a broken-winged bird who cannot fly.
 Hold fast to dreams,
for when dreams go,
 Life is a barren field,
 frozen with snow.
Dark Angel

Enjoy Today

Put yesterday behind you,

It's gone and won't come back.

And we cannot see ahead,

Far down tomorrow's track.


Enjoy the fleeting moments,

That come just for today.

The sweet song of a bluebird,

The morning sun's first ray.


A warm and loving hand clasp,

Welcome letters in the mail.

A bunch of fragrant violets,

Rain splashing in a pail.


Each day has something special,

Some joy or souvenir.

It might be gone tomorrow,

So enjoy it while it's here.


Dark Angel

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