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My Poems 6
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A Lost Peice

A Girl Has In Her Heart,

A Lost Peice A Large Part,

I Know What It Is,

Just As Everyone Does,

It's A Great Guy,

He's Got Me Wraped Around His Finger,

I Miss Him Alot Just Like Her,

I Love Him Now And Forever More,

He May Be Far Away,

But I Think Of Him Everyday,

We Don't Get To See Him Much,

But we Remember His Touch,

I Hope He Knows How Much We Care,

And Just How Close We Hold Him Near,

He KnowsMy Love Will Never Stray,

Cause I Love Him More Each Day,

Bye Linda K Placker

Wrote For A Guy That Is Special

Name Mikal Caudle

A Special Day

On This Day Of July 20,2003I Meet This Guy In Person That I Have Knew Him For Almost 8 Years Before This And I Loved Him From The Get Go But When I Finaly meet Him In Person I Just Feel Totaly In Love With Him And Now WE Are Together Am I Am So Proude Of That ,I Am A Total Bitch To Him At Certain Times And i An So Afraid That One Of These Day I Am Going To Lose The Man I Truely Love With All Of My Heart And Soul If I Ever Lose This Man I Do Not Know What I Will Do Because I Am So In Love With Him . There Is No One That Can Ever Take Me From This Guy Because He Is THe Right Guy For Me . He Treats ME Real Good And He Does Make Me Happy But At Times He Does Make Me Feel Like A Real Stupid Ass And Makes Me Feel Like I Am Not Wroth Anything At All . But No Matter What I Still Love Him With All Of My Heart And Soul.

Linda K Placker

Wrote For Mikal Caudle

 Your Friend
A Friend Is  Not  Always The Best,
And  Sometimes They Say Things That Hurt,
Things They May Never Regret,
A Friend May Not  Always  Be  What You Expect,
A Friend May Be The One  You Least Respect,
But  A Friend Is One  For Sure,
Who Would Give All Inside,
Give Anything To Find For Your Pain A Cure.
A Friend Isn't Always There,
But If Needed A Friend Will Care,
And  When  Called  Upon, You Can Rest Assured,
A Friend Will Be There To Reassure.
A Friend Will Pray For  You And  Not Say A Word,
And  Will Be A Warm Whoulder When Vission Is  Blurred.
Even If  The Friend Is The Furthest Away,
Fhis Friend May Be Your Best On Your Darkest Day,
Know In Your Heart That This  Friend Is Always Around,
And A Friend Will Find You When You Can't Be Found..
Bye Linda Kaye  Placker

                                  Stop And Say Hello

                                    Stop And Say Hello,

                            To The One Who Loves You,

                          Even Though You Walked Away,

                              Leaving Her Unsatisfied.

                          She Doesn't Know What To Do,

                         She Is Always Thinking Of You.

                            In The Middle Of The Night ,

                       She Would Wake Up Crying,

Crying Out Your Name,

But You Never Came.

So She Would Turn Her Head Into The Pillow,

And Cry Herself To Sleep,

When Again Your Paths Should Meet,

Stop And Say Hello.

Linda K Placker

Wrote  For Mikal Caudle

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