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My Poems1

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A Hurting Heart

You said goodbye without a care, it hurt to
see you just leave me there.
You said that we would never part that you
would never leave me to cry.
I gave you trust I gave you love,
I was convinced you were sent from above.
A clipped wing of an angel from Heaven.
How you kissed away my fears.
But I was wrong, and now I doubt,
how can I love, when all I do is pout?
It hurts to see you walk with her,
when I'm wishing so badly that I was her.
It hurts to know that in a second I would
take you back,
just so easy, and just like that.
I know I'll get over this in some time,
but glad to know I let out my feelings in
this rhyme.

Linda K Placker

Wrote For  Mikal Caudle

How much I love you

The pain form my heart pours like the showers
from the rain, if only you could see how much
you mean to me The joy you bring is like the
flowers blooming in the spring,so beautiful,
so sweet thats almost how much you mean to me.
Like the fungus on a mushroom, you grow on me
each and every week.The stars in the sky the
moon from above, thats how we are like two
lovely does. How you tell your pretty lies,
the way you look at me with your sexy eyes,
makes me think of how much you mean to me.
You hold something very special thats the key
to my heart, now that you have it, don't tear
it apat. Can't you see hpw much you mean to
me? How you say I love you the pain that tears
you from me makes me sit down and cry. The
way you touch me makes me think of how much
you mean to me.

                     Linda Kaye Placker

Wrote  For Mikal Caudle


I'm going through so many changes,
Everything just rearranges.
Suck scary sights,
Everything bites.
Blue is all up in the flame.
You are all there is to blame!
I have lost I have ever had.
This makes me just as mad!
I want to leave this Hell hole.
All i got in my stocking was coal.
I'm coming after you,
I'm willing to pursue,
You try to step in my way,
Now this is all I have to say

Linda K PLacker


Why is love only four letters long?
Such a tiny word, yet sings a beautiful song.
Love has many meanings,this I know to be true
but I never knew of this one until my heart
found you. You have given me courage, you
have given me strength, and for my happiness
you go to any length.You made me believe
there is nothing I cant do,and the glow you
see inside these eyes is all because of you.
You;ve given me back emotion, that I lost
long ago. You've taken my world of raindrops
and turned them into snow.Your spirit has
embraced my own, it's felt with each breathe
I take, all those walls I had around my heart
only took you to break. I have told you that
I love you, I hope you already knew, but for
what you've given my soul, i'll need eternity
to prove.

Linda  K placker

Wrote For Mikal Caudle


Life is something we all have to live.
It's different for all of us in a world this big.
Some of do all right.
For some of us money is always tight, but
none of us can guve up the fight.
We have to stay positive each day we live.
We can't le life get the best of us.
Even when it's rough, we must remain tough.
We may be the only thing we have, but it's
not always that bad.
Smile, you will feel better.
Then write yourself a happy letter.
Let it all out, then throw it away.
You don't need to be negative today.
When life gets the best of you, sing a happy
It will help you stay strong until, you can
find where, in this crazy world you belong.

                           Linda K Placker

You Left Me Behind

I walk in the door and see you standing

there and all i want to hear is that you

care, you left me behind so long ago, and

now in my heart there stands a hole,i wish

it was filled just like before, but you

left me behind and then closed the

door,there stands the spot that needs to be

filled while you are off having your

thrill.Someday you will see my love is

true, but right now you dont have a clue, I

wish i could tell you how much i care but i

am afraid that somehow you wont care,

Everytime i look at you my heart breaks a

little more but it broke so much that it

crumbled to the floor.

Linda K Placker


Tell Me I Am Not Alone ,

In This Crazy World ,

Tell Me I Am The Only Girl,

You Will Ever Want Or Need,

Say You Will Always Love ME ,

And That You Will Never Let Me Go.

I Don't Ever Want To Be ALone,

I Want To Share My Life With You,

And Do All The Things We Could Do.

I Know I Will Never Be Alone Again,

As Long As I Am With You,

We Will Be Together Untill The End.

Linda K Placker

Wrote For Mikal Caudle

First Kisses

I remember that kiss,
the one you fought for so long, prolonging the inevitable.
I remember too that I thought it could never be better, though we knew
that it could.
I remember the words we spoke, imagining
they might never be sweeter, knowing that eventually, they would.
I remember those times.
I hear the words we speak,
imagining that they might never be crueler,
knowing that eventually, they will.
I realize too that i think it can't get much
worse, knowing eventually, it could.
I see us,
and me trying to hold on so long, postponing the inevitable.

Or don't you remember?

                 Linda Kaye Placker

Wrote For Mikal Caudle


The Hurtting Is Done ,

And You Are Gone,

You Brought The Tears To My Eyes,

When You Said Goodbye,

It Will Take Time ,

For The Wounds To Heal,

But Time Is Not What I Need ,

What I Need Is You,

To Be Back Here By My Side,

I Lay Awake At Night ,

Wishing You Were Here With Me ,

Will The Hurtting Ever End,

Will I Ever See You Again,

You Told Me You Loved Me ,

And You Would Come Back Some Day ,

To Take Me Away ,

But That Day Will Never Come For Me ,

And I Know In My Heart,

That We Have Parted,

There Is Nothign I Can Do ,

To Bring You Back To Me,

So The Hurtting Goes On,

And My Heart Is Broken,

Into A Thousand Peices,

Now That You Have Gone,

You Also Told Me To Wait For You,

Well I Waited And Waited,

And The Days Turned To Months ,

And The Months Turned To Years,

And You Are Still Have Not Come,

So I Hide The Tears,

From All My Friends,

Because I Know In My Heart ,

That The Hurting Will Never End,

And On The InsideI Continue To Fall Apart,

Why Do You Always Hurt,

The Ones Who Loves You,

Don't You Think It Is Time ,

For You To Come Again ,

And Take The Hurting Away,

And Make Up For All The Pain,

You HavePut Me Through,

I Do Love You ,

And I Want To Be With You Again,

Please Put The Hurting To An End ...

Linda K Placker


Objects flash before me
The wind grows strong and deep

Is it really shadows
Or is it really me

The lightning flashes
The thunder rolls
The shadows waltz
Up and down the halls

A scream of pain
My terror rises
The bloody thoughts
Are agonizing

A breath,
A sigh,
A lonely cry,
A single tear is all I see

Is it really shadows
Or is it really me

Linda K Placker

Wrote For Mikal


I cryed today, I cried for you
I don't know what to say,You have no clue
I miss you lots,I love you too
I miss the way you hit the spots
The way I used to touch you
I want to smile,But I can't
I wanted to walk down that isle
Now I shan't
I want to kiss you,I want to love
I want to hug you,And go above
When I hurt you,I know I did
I didn't mean to,I didn't fib
I told you truths,And no lies
But now we have no ties,I miss you babe
With all my heart,Now I lay
My life torn apart,Why did I do
What I did,Now I cry
And only for you,Do I live

 Linda Kaye Placker

Wrote  For  Mikal Caudle

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